The Reader Appreciation Award – My first ever nomination

Well well well Mr I’m-a-big-hollywood-star and Miss I’m-a-big-hollywood-star-but-an-even-bigger-diva (yep I suppose it’s a stereotype but you have to admit many “stars” have an air about themselves, but now that’s another blog for another day..) watch out because Miss  Live Learn Mature is in the house 😛

Yes people I have been nominated for my first ever Blog Award by my amazing blog-friend Rosh Jacobs

That award was The Reader Appreciation Award

The Reader Appreciation Award

So in true The Reader Appreciation Award spirit I have a few things I’d like to say 🙂 This award requires the nominee (meeeeeeeee) to:

1) Insert this picture into the post 🙂

2) say what I’ve been getting up to

3) nominate 6 others in turn

What I’ve been getting up to; hmmm well most of my time spent online has become about checking if results for the examinations which I have recently completed are updated yet! I say that’s the worst part of writing exams – the waiting! Other than that; the same stuff just a different day.

Now for my nominations 🙂 here goes, in no particular order:

{ ok so i broke the rules a little, rather bent it a tad… I just couldn’t resist adding 7 blogs here … check them out and you’ll see why 🙂 } :

Given The Time – a blog I simply love reading; a truly inspirational blog that brightens up my day every time.

Rosh rulez– My amazing blog friend! (PS some say a friend is a real friend if they’re always ready to help so Rosh Thanks for helping 😀 🙂 )

Mom meets Blog – I really love this mom’s availability to telling all about parenting and everything; yup I’m taking notes for when I become a mom 🙂

Janice Huggins – Her blog is pretty cool because of it’s randomness (and I mean that in the absolutely cool and fun kind of way 🙂 )

Rian (pronounced Ryan) of Truth and Cake – first off her Blog is so kiff! (which here in southern africa is a word the equivalent of absolutely, cool, rad, amazing, fun, etc etc you get the picture :)) second, she married someone from Southern Africa so that’s pretty cool too 🙂 and lastly and I guess more importantly, her blog is as fun to read as it is to look at 🙂

The Waiting  – I just love reading her blog and about her life 🙂 I think it’s pretty cool and onteresting

So ladies thank you for amazing Blogs 🙂

Love them all!

That’s you all 🙂

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